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The Artist

Donald A. Osborne, Jr. is an artist residing on the Northern Oregon Coast. Osborne has an undergraduate degree in art from Central Washington University, with graduate work and other study at a variety of colleges and universities.

The Chipmunk The Coyote The Cutthroat Trout
The Deer The Elk The Heron
The Hummingbird The Osprey The Porcupine
The Raccoon The Sea Gull The Seal

Featured Art

12 hand-colored prints on 9" X 12" paper, chopped, signed, dated - a very small edition - each one done by the artist. $19.00 each plus $4.95 shipping and handling. A set of all 12 is $198.00 plus $9.95 shipping and handling.

Framed and glassed - gold, walnut or pecan with linen liner. $39.00 each or $449.00 for set of 12 plus shipping and handling.

Professional Record, Exhibitions & Awards:

  • 13 Exhibitions, Sandpiper Square Gallery
  • Artist in the Schools, Oregon Arts Commission & Portland Arts Commission, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Astoria, Portland School Districts
  • Oregon Artist in Residence grant, 1978
  • Juror, OCPAS Arts giving; Seaside Artist Guild, "View '82'"
  • Exhibitions, invitationals & annuals as featured artist:
    • Jacksonville, OR
    • Clatsop Community College Art Gallery, Seaside, OR
    • "Other Artists of Oregon"
    • Lawrence Gallery, McMinnville, OR
    • ArtSpace, Bay City, OR
    • Annual Oregon Natural Resource Council Exhibitions, Portland & Salem OR
    • Art for AIDS, Portland, OR
    • 1996 & 1998 exhibitions, Phylis Crass Memorial Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Burbank)
    • Special exhibitions at the Osborne Gallery & Studio, Manzanita, OR
  • Instructor of art, Tillamook Community College, Tillamook, OR
  • "Guerilla Art Placements"


  • Private & corporate collections in Spain, Germany, Chicago, Portland, OR, Idaho, Washington, D.C., Boston, Seattle, Maine, Colorado and in the Cannon Beach and Nehalem Bay Area and vicinity.
  • HGTV annual dream home art collection, 1999.


Books & magazine illustrations and covers:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Oregon Natural Resource Council
  • Wisdom of the Elders Project
  • TCAV Art Directory cover
  • Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce and "unofficial" sand castle posters
  • Manzanita July 4th Collector Poster Series
  • Special B.I.O. Studio Exhibitions
  • Variety of logos and illustrations for businesses in the region

A message from the artist . . .
A bare fact is something seen outwardly - it can be weighed and measured, and it seems to appear the same to all people. (The "same" if we disregard the story of the blind men and the elephant). In this age of the information explosion, bare facts have had a way of becoming complex, numerous, technological and highly specialized. These "facts" are assumed and accepted and have become a basis for truths, even though they may be seen inwardly differently by different people (professionals often disagree when interpreting "facts" of law, economics, psychology and so on).

Artistic truth is an intentional personal bias toward a fact or facts. The arts are chiefly concerned with the way people see differently - with personal vision. Art is an expression of insight, made visible,readable or audible, and must not be mistaken for the physical things or events from which any piece of art may arise.

If the end point of the arts were literal transcription of the sights and sounds which exist in the world, perfect music would be nature noises, perfect sculpture would be taxidermy, and arts involving the written word could not exist - because words are abstract, man-made inventions.

Art does spring from mankind; an artist's reaction to the world, not simply attempted reproductions of it. Arts enlighten and are part of the spirit, as well as the intellect, of man.

I perceive my "art" as at least two distinct events LINKING (the process of doing my art) and GIFT GIVING (the sharing of my art "products"). As I experience linkages (insights) when I paint or draw, I find my task is to:


  • maintain my vision (my linking nature)
  • maintain that part of me which is a third person observer, and
  • keep in touch with myself and others.

I accept my compulsion to create; I embrace it.

Don Osborne and His Pseudonyms Don Osborne, Artist Osborne Studio and Gallery Donald Osborne, artist
Ascher Donaldson Don Osborne and His Pseudonyms Osborne Studio and Gallery

The Pseudonyms

Over the years, as the artist explored and developed styles, experimented with techniques and experienced formal learning from other artists and teachers. It became apparent that this artist was comfortable with a "healthy" schizophrenia. I use a variety of my own styles and techniques as a piece is created, and that the different artists inside of me could therefor have pseudonyms. . . and on occasion these artists could team up and collaborate on apiece as well. On some works, you will see several different signatures and/or "chops."


  • Don Osborne, as himself
  • Asher Donaldson, realism
  • Al Shimoda, contemporary, abstract and expressionistic
  • White Weeping Bear, indigenous peoples inspired (this name came from a Lakota Medicine Man friend)

The Art - Prices and Ordering

Limited Edition, Hand-Colored Works from the Artist
The Shells:   The paintings in the "Shell" series are individually hand-colorred lithos done by the artist. The artist signs, numbers and "chops" each piece. They are a very limited edition series of works and are priced as follows, prepaid orders only, unframed:


  • Individual shells, $250.00 each.
  • Four or more shells, like numbered, $225.00 each.
  • Any group of 12 shells, like numbered, $200.00 each.
  • The total set, like numbered, over 70 images, $12,900.00.

Hand-Colored Diazos Small orders take about four weeks. Larger collection/set orders take a few weeks longer. Shipping and handling charges are $6.00 per piece ordered. Custom framing can be arranged at an additional charge, as well as presentation or gift artist/studio proofs.


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