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Clatsop Pioneer - Osborne Studio
My kinship with indigenous forms, processes and viewpoint (a path I choose when I create art), helps me to clarify and confront the strong culturally implanted needs from our complex, technological, market-driven society. The forms of masks and totems, the processes of the "quest," the ideas about the universe - the medicine wheel, the humor about tricksters and creation, the coyote and the raven: All of these components allow me to explore my personal issues, as well as planetary ones, when I make art.

Yet even today, many people believe that the only mission of an artist is to accurately portray reality (often only the "pretty" or acceptable parts of reality) as defined by others. . . the viewer, the critic, the legislator and so on.

Many artists resist being other-directed and portray their own "artist's" reality. Sometimes, I find my artistic truths by using indigenous viewpoints and ways as a part and basis of much of my work. I am not a Native Person. I am simply one who struggles like everyone else in figuring out my place in this cosmos. I find the honesty and inherent respectfulness of Native Peoples' ways a powerful and meaningful tool as I consider the great mystery of creation & existence.

For me, all the excitement happens at the moment art is being made. Then it happens when the art is being shared. Just knowing an entire universe of possibilities has been whittled down to a single piece. It is then I may discover that mysterious and sacred place inside of me. It is impossible to ignore those moments, and it is in this contact with the source of all art that artist and viewer are nourished.

On the Development of a Tchuan - Osborne Studio
Sturgeon for Art Lesson - Osborne Studio Cutthroat - Osborne Studio
Balloon Shell - Osborne Studio Parade Man - Osborne Studio
Turtle Island - Osborne Studio Song of Bear - Osborne Studio Buddah's Heel - Osborne Studio Buffalo - Osborne Studio
1929 Sandcastle Poster - Osborne Studio Totem Clinging to Value Systems Which Work - Osborne Studio Bear's Revenge Blue Highways
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